I happen to be very good at doing tiny, slightly inane, and highly repetitive tasks. Were I so inclined, I believe these skills would be quite excellent for the making of very believable wigs. However, while I personally believe that the art of making highly believable wigs is something deserving of great respect, I also feel that once you realize a wig is a wig, there is not much else left to explore. And, quite frankly, having something a bit more interesting to realize than the fact that a wig is a wig, can be quite fun.

My goal is to use my tendency towards the repetitive and strange to give you a reason to look at something that you might generally avoid. I focus on themes of depression and isolation. Exploring how these states can alter our ability to interact with the world fascinates me, and I enjoy employing contradictory elements to help highlight coping mechanisms such as learning to laugh your way through unfortunate events.

I want to challenge the degree to which you do, or pointedly do not, examine those things against which you must struggle. However, I feel it is my responsibility to give you a reason for stopping and reflecting on what I make. It is my desire that, in rendering these darker elements of the human condition in a way that is both beautiful and inviting, I can give you a reason to discover something interesting for yourself.



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